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Pia Doegl

Parents raising children 0-3

San Francisco, CA

Beginning Well®

As a parent coach, hypnotherapist and mother, I know how inner stress, self-doubt, impatience and loneliness can determine your daily life. Parenting starts with you & your well-being is core of my work!
My role is to guide you best understand your own unwanted behavior such as reacting impatiently, yelling, withdrawing, feeling anxious, depleted, tired or disconnected.
My Parent Coaching is about learning to understand the behavior of your unique child and learning what to do to help your relationship improve dramatically. It is the opportunity for a deep healing process for yourself and your whole family.
You’ll learn new skills so you can be more balanced, mindful, and patient, trusting your own wisdom and the individual potential of your child. Rather than judging your behavior, I will stand by you as a guide and friend. I will not diagnose, but instead will provide you with solid, usable and holistic tools for bringing out the best in yourself & your child.
You’ll leave each session with actions you can apply immediately in your interactions with your child and soon will be able to:
– Build a clear and stable structure, one that allows you to include me-time without guilt
– Learn to approach your child as a success mentor, rather than the “behavior police” that constantly has to control behavior.
– Witness your child’s dramatically increased sense of self-esteem, health, independence and fullfilment.



Melissa James

Grief & Loss Coaching

Windsor, Colorado

Your Life Helper, LLC

I serve individuals and families who are grieving and experiencing adversity, helping them through difficult times to function well and experience growth. I have training experience in strengths usage and creative grief techniques. I am a peaceful and calm person with a lot of empathy that I bring to coaching sessions.



Dr. Mary Keller

Dr Mary Kay Keller

Parenting Coaching; Parenting with Special Needs Coaching; Emerging Adults; Individual

Historic New Castle


Coaching with Parents, Emerging adults, and Individuals. I specialize in deepening the relationship connections through a transformational process. Current clients include parents new parents, parents of teens, and special needs. Individuals reach out for relationship or career coaching. Emerging adults are usually 18-25.



Deb Fusek

Deb Fusek

Sensory Processing Sensitivities

Saint Petersburg, FL

EverParent Coaching

Like you, I have felt overwhelmed, alone, anxious, angry, and confused as a parent of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. I’ve raised three kids and I can help you navigate this road. There is no need to wander in the wilderness alone! My coaching style is highly relational and I use a step by step system to help you build connection, manage daily rhythms, and provide support to help you become the parent you want to be.



Dawn Bentley-Meehan

Dawn Bentley-Meehan

Parent Coaching


I help parents discover solutions to the daily struggles/challenges they face by unearthing problem-solving tools that will last a lifetime. Moms and dads who want to create a happy home environment which is respectful, motivating and thriving.




Lisa Rometti

Lisa Rometti

Parent Coaching

Lansing, MI

Carrefour Coaching L.L.C.

I am a Certified Parent Coach in Present Moment Parenting. As the mother of one biological and three foster/adoptive children, I have lived tough parenting moments with children with special needs and trauma. My passion is to strengthen families by building healthy and lasting relationships by connecting parents with the right tools, education, and appropriate advocacy. I help clients achieve reachable goals through guidance and support while creating safe environments to connect them with their children who experience trauma behaviors.



Tina Feigal

Everyday parenting, trauma, foster, adoption

Saint Paul, MN

Anu Family Services

As a coach and trainer of coaches, Tina supports adults in healing relationships between parents and children by applying Present Moment Parenting techniques. Her books are Present Moment Parenting: The Guide to a Peaceful Life with Your Intense Child, winner of the 2017 Moms Choice Gold Award (available on Amazon and Audible) and e-book, Healing the Heart of Your Traumatized Child (available on Amazon.) Tina also trains parent coaches as part of her vision that every adult who wants a parent coach can pick up the phone and find one!


Jen Kiss

Jen Kiss

Parenting, ADHD, Trauma, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety

Minneapolis, MN

Happy Parenting & Families

Jen Kiss is a Certified Parent Coach helping parents and caregivers with the everyday challenges of raising children. When parents are feeling frustrated or at a loss of what to try next, Jen provides trauma informed and inclusive parenting tools to help make daily life easier. As a parent to a child who struggles with trauma, anxiety and neurodiversity, Jen understands the overwhelming challenges parents can face. Jen will help you understand your child and how best to adjust your parenting to minimize challenging behaviors.


Molly Feigal

Molly Feigal


Minneapolis, MN

Molly Feigal Parenting Support

Children are growing up in particularly challenging times. I am committed to helping parents connect with and heal their children. I have over two decades of experience as an elementary music teacher, a staff leader at Concordia Language Villages, and am a parent of two lively children. I am a certified Parent Coach through Anu Family Services and the Center for the Challenging Child.
I’m here to support you. Judgment free. We all do the best with the tools we know. I’ve got new tools for you.
I’ve studied brain science, trauma, and research proven techniques.
Let’s connect and rebuild the relationship with your child.


New Hampshire

Debbie Farr

Debbie Farr


Weare, NH

Flourishing Families

Dr. Debbie has her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies and a graduate academic certificate in Parent Education. She is the author of E.N.R.I.C.H. Your Relationship With Your Child (found on Amazon). Dr. Debbie focuses on research-based strategies to improve the parent-child relationship, including the use of positive parenting strategies and humor.


North Carolina

Kimberly Allen

Parent & Strengths Coaching

Raleigh, NC

Allen Family Coaching

As a mom, wife, and professional, I know the stresses and celebrations associated with family life. I also recognize that sometimes we just need help reaching our goals. That is why I first decided to try coaching—I understood that although things were going well, they could be better. Coaching helped me reach potential that I didn’t even know I had (and helped me to publish my first book)! Now I’m happy to have the chance to help others reach their goals through family life coaching.


Erin Richardson

Erin Richardson

Life and Transition Coaching

Raleigh, NC

Reaching Destinies

I’m Erin Richardson Life and Transitioning Coach in the Raleigh, NC area. I specialize in Life and Transitioning coaching where I work with those served to become a better them as a whole, while reaching their destiny of anything NEW desired. Rather it be: a new career or a transition in life’s day to day. Let’s work together to meet YOUR Destiny.



Kaysie Deanna Steele

Kaysie Deanna Steele

parenting, neurodiversity, challenging behaviors

Tulsa, OK

Magnolia Parent Coaching

Kaysie Steele is a certified parent coach through Anu Family Services/The Center for the Challenging Child. She is married with four children (ages 24, 22, 21, and 12) and two grandsons (ages 3 and 1). Kaysie graduated from Southwest Baptist University in 1991 with a BA in Psychology and Sociology.
Kaysie has been supporting parents with challenging children for several years now. Most of the children represented in her practice have ADHD, autism, giftedness, and/or anxiety. Two of her own children as well as one grandchild are on the autism spectrum.
Kaysie is also active in her youngest child’s school district – working to inform and educate teachers, staff, and students on all things concerning neurodiversity in the schools. Her passion is to help parents of neurodiverse children navigate their unique challenges by giving them a new lens through which to view their child, supporting them to create stronger connections with their child, and helping them to access the resources available to them in their communities.
For more information, contact Kaysie at moc.gnihcaoctnerapailongam@eisyak or (918) 928-3912.

South Carolina

Queen-Ella Pringle

Queen-Ella Pringle

Healthy Relationships for Individuals, Couples, & Families

Goose Creek, SC

Cornerstone Visionaries Consulting & Coaching

Over a decade of experience in providing personal and professional development through education and training to government and civilian sectors. Credentialed Family Life Educator, Certified Solution Focused Coach, Marriage and Family Counselor, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Coach for Stress Reduction, National Trainer for Family Life Coaching Association and Mentor.

After serving on Active Duty, I later transitioned into supporting military families. Now in Private Practice, I provide support with care on the continuum for individuals, couples, and family dynamics through workshops and group training for building healthy relationships, reducing conflict, and improving communication.

I offer 1:1 support, consultation for partnership with religious organizations and non profit organizations, and provide small business owners with Lunch & Learn Series and 1/2 Day Intensives.



Christi Howard

Mom Life Coaching

Austin, TX

Me Time 4 Mom

I help overwhelmed moms learn to put themselves first while removing the guilt. As a mother myself, I combine my own experiences raising children with the skills and training life coaching brings to the table. We work together to create an actionable plan with scientifically proven tools and techniques to reach your goals.


LuzDalia Sanchez

Parenting and Family Coaching

Houston, TX

Astounding Families Alliance

I am a MD, Ph.D, licensed parent and family educator dedicated to help parents/caregivers to be the best parents to their children. I offer education, training, and coaching sessions. At the beginning, I assess the needs of the parents, and we determine the goals. We meet face to face or virtually on a regular basis until we find the root of the situation and achieve the goals.


the owls haven

Chelsea Ortiz

Child Life Coach

San Antonio, TX

The Owl’s Haven

Chelsea is an Early Childhood Educator and Child Life Coach. Supporting youth through the ups and downs of growing up so that they don’t give up on themselves is her heart work. Chelsea uses creative stories and a proven coaching system to develop mindset skills and protect mental health.



Alison Tepper

Alison Tepper

Parenting Coach

Dripping Springs, TX

Raising You and Me LLC

Ali is the mama of three tender-hearted and imaginative children. She is the founder of Raising You and Me LLC parent coaching and education. She brings a Masters degree in elementary education and over a decade of experience working with families and children as a classroom teacher and Director of Curriculum with special focus on social-emotional learning. She is a Board-Certified Life Coach, Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Family Life Coaching Association. The core of Ali’s practice is an invitation to deepen your own self-understanding and find inner security so you can amplify peace, authentic cooperation, and joy in your home. Using conscious and trauma-informed listening tools, she helps you navigate everyday parenting challenges while strengthening your connection with all of your family relationships. Her unique combination of transformational inner work with research-based parenting strategies brings lasting change. She offers 1:1 coaching support in addition to parenting classes and small support groups.

Ali lives in Austin, Texas with her hubby, three children, and rescue Spaniel.



Melissa Hunt

Melissa Hunt

Families, Adoption, Stress

West Valley City, UT

Making Better Memories

Hi!! I am Melissa, I have graduated with a Bachelors degree in Marriage and Family Studies. I use my degree helping people as a life coach. I specialize in happiness, life issues, CBT, marriage, parenting and adoption/foster care.
I would love to help you and your family to make better memories. Let’s make some changes in the present so the future is amazing!!!



Susan T Holt

Parent Coaching

Richmond, VA

Susan Townsend Holt Family Life Coach LLC

I am a Board-Certified Family Life Coach with a Masters in Education. I am also privileged to be the Director of Family Ministry for my church, and I serve on the board of the Family Life Coaching Association. My expertise is in equipping parents, caregivers and teachers with social/emotional strategies and a positive discipline approach to parenting. My joy is in empowering children and adults to manage life’s challenges with a healthy and resilient approach.


Rebecca Blackwell

Marriage Coaching

Richmond, VA

Rebecca Blackwell Marriage Coaching & Training RVA and Fatherhood Foundation of Virginia

I enjoy working with couples in all stages of relationships. Dating and engaged, married with or without kids, empty nest, etc. I use multiple programs and curriculum to help couples find the best way to work together to start strong or get back on track. Offering couples tools and strategies to build strong relationships, navigate life’s transitions, and enable lifelong marriages.


www.WeCoachCouples.org www.MarriageCoachrva.com


Angi Soulier

Angi Soulier

Parenting, Divorce, Couples, Transitions, ADHD, Students, Etc.

Bellingham, WA


Description of you, your work with clients, and/or your coaching style/process
I specialize in providing integrative solutions for parents raising complex kids with trauma histories, attachment adversity, and neurodiverse challenges. As an adoptive mom myself, I understand the monumental willpower and tenacity it takes to show up and stay present in this unique brand of parenting. I help parents mitigate stress and fatigue, deepen connection, improve communication, and increase joy and healing within the family. Together we unravel challenges, articulate goals, and implement an effective plan of action.



Evi Stathatou

Evi Stathatou

parenting, multiple's parents

Athens, Greece

Evi Stathatou Parent Coaching

I am a Certified Parent Coach, based In Greece. I have been certified by Any Family Services with the Present Moment Parenting method. I have been working many years with parents, in specific with parents of multiples. I am here to support parents with positive parenting methods to connect and effectively communicate with their children.


Hilary Floreal

Hilary Floreal

Parenting and ADHD Life Coach

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Brightside Coaching & Consulting

As an adult with ADHD and a parent of four children, three of which also have ADHD, I love supporting other parents impacted by ADHD whether it be their own challenges or their children’s challenges. I am also a Teacher and understand the impact ADHD has on a child’s academic experience and the family unit. It is an honor to support parents and families by helping show them the “Bright Side,” of living with ADHD.