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Melissa James

Grief & Loss Coaching

Windsor, Colorado

Your Life Helper, LLC

I serve individuals and families who are grieving and experiencing adversity, helping them through difficult times to function well and experience growth. I have training experience in strengths usage and creative grief techniques. I am a peaceful and calm person with a lot of empathy that I bring to coaching sessions.



Tina Feigal

Everyday parenting, trauma, foster, adoption

Saint Paul, MN

Anu Family Services

As a coach and trainer of coaches, Tina supports adults in healing relationships between parents and children by applying Present Moment Parenting techniques. Her books are Present Moment Parenting: The Guide to a Peaceful Life with Your Intense Child, winner of the 2017 Moms Choice Gold Award (available on Amazon and Audible) and e-book, Healing the Heart of Your Traumatized Child (available on Amazon.) Tina also trains parent coaches as part of her vision that every adult who wants a parent coach can pick up the phone and find one!

North Carolina

Kimberly Allen

Parent & Strengths Coaching

Raleigh, NC

Allen Family Coaching

As a mom, wife, and professional, I know the stresses and celebrations associated with family life. I also recognize that sometimes we just need help reaching our goals. That is why I first decided to try coaching—I understood that although things were going well, they could be better. Coaching helped me reach potential that I didn’t even know I had (and helped me to publish my first book)! Now I’m happy to have the chance to help others reach their goals through family life coaching.


Christi Howard

Mom Life Coaching

Austin, TX

Me Time 4 Mom

I help overwhelmed moms learn to put themselves first while removing the guilt. As a mother myself, I combine my own experiences raising children with the skills and training life coaching brings to the table. We work together to create an actionable plan with scientifically proven tools and techniques to reach your goals.

LuzDalia Sanchez

Parenting and Family Coaching

Houston, TX

Astounding Families Alliance

I am a MD, Ph.D, licensed parent and family educator dedicated to help parents/caregivers to be the best parents to their children. I offer education, training, and coaching sessions. At the beginning, I assess the needs of the parents, and we determine the goals. We meet face to face or virtually on a regular basis until we find the root of the situation and achieve the goals.


Susan T Holt

Parent Coaching

Richmond, VA

Susan Townsend Holt Family Life Coach LLC

I am a Board-Certified Family Life Coach with a Masters in Education. I am also privileged to be the Director of Family Ministry for my church, and I serve on the board of the Family Life Coaching Association. My expertise is in equipping parents, caregivers and teachers with social/emotional strategies and a positive discipline approach to parenting. My joy is in empowering children and adults to manage life’s challenges with a healthy and resilient approach.