FLCA Elections

YOU’RE INVITED to JOIN THE BOARD OF THE FAMILY LIFE COACHING ASSOCIATION. Apply NOW and make a difference in families all over the world!

  • FLCA ELECTIONS are now OPEN for Committee Chairs for the 2024/2026 term
  • VOTING will run October 23 through November 3.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT of New Board Members…the week of November 13!!

Learn more about our open positions:

Executive Board Member Positions

2-year position
Support and make decisions with the Chair
Identify direction and make recommendations to the Chair and Executive Board
Preside at meetings and act as Chair in absence of the Chair
Serve as a conduit between committee chairs and the Executive Board
May or may not succeed the Chair at the end of her/his term

Responsible for sending out formal correspondence in collaboration with the chair/vice chair
Send invitations, reminders, and the agenda link for board meetings
Record board minutes and distribute them to the board

Committee Chair Positions

Focus on coaching-related state, national politics/policies

Write policy papers, white papers, position statements

Lobby for reimbursement for FL coaches

Help with securing grants/funding

Establish partnerships w/other entities/organizations to further mission, vision of FLCA

Responsible for creating a holistic fundraising plan that may include special events, direct mail, social media, product sales, online programs grants, and other fundraising methods.

Focus on consistent branding, messaging

Develop & maintain social media accounts

Work w/Membership to encourage & retain members

Work w/Conference to advertise

Work w/Fundraising

Create, distribute promotional materials

Update Bylaws, Handbook and Board & Committee Summary

Elections (Executive Board & Board of Directors) with involvement of Full Board and FLCA Admin

Provide Board training

Analyze and follow-up on Strategic planning

(1, 3, 5 year plans)

How To Apply

Send your resume with your contact information

A short bio for the ballot
A simple headshot for the ballot
A Statement of Interest:  Why do you want to serve on the Board, in this role?
You must be a member in good standing.  
If you’re not already a member, you can join us today.

Applications are due Monday, October 16, 2023
Send your information to: familylcassociation@gmail.com

Our Mission

Elevating the practice of family life coaching by serving coaches and our community through education, research, advocacy, and collaboration for the well-being of families globally.

Establish Credibility

Develop nationally recognized ethics, standards and credentialing for family life coaches.

Provide Advocacy

Lobby for accessibility and health insurance coverage for family life coaching services.

Create Connections

Lobby for accessibility and health insurance coverage for family life coaching services.

Our Vision

To establish the most effective family life coaching resource for families to receive the support they need to live happy and healthy lives.

 QUESTIONS? info@flcassociation.org