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Family Life Coaching Association Policy Brief: FLCA Policy Brief Members

Family Life Education:  A profession with a Proven Return on Investment (ROI)

By Jacqueline Kirby Wilkins, Ellen Taner, Dawn Cassidy and Robyn Cenizal

According to this article, investing in family science as a preventative measure “has been proven to minimally have an ROI of $1.50 to $9.60 for every $1.00 invested.

Getting Paid for Coaching: Reimbursement for Parenting Education Services to Promote Family Health and Wellbeing

By Stephanie Jones, Kim Allen, and Jenna Barnes

Funding our Family Life Coaching work is a key priority for FLCA. Here is a white paper that provides research and information on reimbursement for supporting parents.

The Roots of Family Life Coaching

By Debbie Kruenegel-Farr

The Use of Coaching Strategies Within the Field of Social Work

By Megan Burroughs, Kimberly Allen & Nichole Huff