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Family Life Coaching Association Policy Brief: FLCA Policy Brief Members

Family Life Education:  A profession with a Proven Return on Investment (ROI)

By Jacqueline Kirby Wilkins, Ellen Taner, Dawn Cassidy and Robyn Cenizal

In keeping with the conversation on getting paid for family science work, here is an article posted on the NCFR website that discusses the financial impact of hiring a family scientist. Turns out families save $9.60 for every dollar spent on prevention dollars spent.


Getting Paid for Coaching: Reimbursement for Parenting Education Services to Promote Family Health and Wellbeing

By Stephanie Jones, Kim Allen, and Jenna Barnes

Funding our Family Life Coaching work is a key priority for FLCA. Here is a white paper that provides research and information on reimbursement for supporting parents.


The Roots of Family Life Coaching

By Debbie Kruenegel-Farr


The Use of Coaching Strategies Within the Field of Social Work

By Megan Burroughs, Kimberly Allen & Nichole Huff